Effective pitching

Effective pitching

This workshop is for anyone who needs to make pitches, grab the attention of an audience and keep them listening.

It could be for small groups or large auditoriums, with or without PowerPoint. The workshop illustrates the immediate impact made by compelling storytelling and provides structures that can be relied upon even in the most stressful and high-impact circumstances.

How to pitch well

So many people need to pitch effectively, but how many can honestly say they do so? Often people think they know what a perfect pitch is, but they have no solid structures, so the quality can be hit-or-miss. As experts in pitching, storytelling and story structure, our tried-and-tested techniques mean that delegates see an immediate impact to their business.

There is a great deal of noise in our lives, and relatively little message of importance. It is exciting and surprising how storytelling cuts through that noise and communicates a message more effectively and compellingly than anything else.

Stories are universal, and speak to all cultures. By mastering our techniques, the message will be consistently clear and impactful in all countries and contexts.

Workshop structure

This is an enjoyable, engaging and highly informative one-day workshop for up to 12 delegates. It is practical, rigorous and dynamic, and delegates will find themselves ‘doing’ more than listening or observing.

We look at packaging stories and their impact during pitches. We engage with presentations for different contexts and different lengths, ranging from formal set-pieces to succinct and high-pressured elevator pitches.

We guarantee each participant plenty of opportunity to practise. They will all receive individual attention and instant feedback, with each participant clearly able to plot their progress.

What’s in it for you?

By the end of the workshop participants feel confident and fully equipped to pitch in a way that is:

  • Exciting
  • Engaging
  • Absorbing
  • Highly impactful

They will understand how structure relates to content, so that presentations and pitches have maximum effect and the message is received with clarity. They will also understand how to support visuals, such as PowerPoint, with compelling narrative.



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