Media Training

Media Training

Does your organisation need outstanding advocates and spokespeople to face the media? Do they need to speak with confidence and authority in anything from TV and radio interviews to press conferences and telephone briefings?

My media training helps spokespeople from any organisation perfect their media interview skills, ensuring the right kind of impact and enhancing their media awareness and know-how.

My approach

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I simulate the type of interviews spokespeople will really face, whether broadcast or print. I make them as realistic as possible and as tough as necessary, adopting the tone that journalists will use, asking the very questions they will pose, and often using a broadcast studio, with TV lights, cameras and a professional cameraman. My clients always appreciate this and relish the challenge, knowing that they are then prepared to face any media interview with confidence, enhancing their professional reputation, integrity and credibility.

I tailor courses to the specific needs of each delegate, empathising with their needs and giving simple yet highly effective techniques that can be remembered and used well, even under pressure. The lessons, which can be mastered in a single face-to-face training session, include ways of setting out your agenda, testing your messages and structuring your answer. They are  highlighted in the booklet that participants take away from the course, so they can easily brush up on key points immediately before a media interview.


My typical media training agenda

I adapt my training according to the needs of clients, but typical elements include:

0930 Introductions, objectives and the day’s agenda

0945 Live face-to-face interviews

1010 Video review of interviews, and the key lessons of media training

1145 Messaging and preparation for second interviews

1345 Second interviews

1410 Video review of interviews

1450 Preparation for third interviews

1515 Video review of final interviews

1600 Final pointers to take away

The training is practical throughout and structured around three simulated interviews, interwoven with presentations, videos of real TV interviews, and discussion sessions. These elements help participants prepare for media interviews, create robust messages and work more effectively with internal PR teams. I film each practical exercise, allowing immediate viewing and feedback.

I discuss with you before the course how each interview should be simulated. For example, I might focus the first TV interview on particular negative issues that each trainee is currently facing, or I might make it an open interview in which trainees can promote particular messages.

One of the most important parts of all the modules is feedback on messages. I emphasise to trainees that they should never conduct any interview without deciding the messages they want to communicate – and this forms a big part of group discussions during the course.



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