Handling aggressive interviewers

Handling aggressive interviewers

Doing an interview with a Paxman or a Humphrys is many a PR person’s worst nightmare. But how can you make the situation work to your advantage? If you need to be ready for the worst, the course prepares you, with lights, cameras and instant video analysis, to face tough and confrontational interviewers – whether live on TV or for the press. Most people can handle a soft media interview, but when the going gets tough you need to have your wits about you.

To help you deal with aggressive interviewers, we focus on:

  • The journalist’s mindset
  • Different interview styles
  • The battle to win the interview agenda
  • Communicating honesty, credibility and objectivity

This course helps you deal with hostile journalists, often in crisis situations. It is practical throughout, with presentations and interviews to camera, after which you will immediately see how you performed on video.

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