Ideas and advice

Our clients sometimes ask us not just to communicate an idea, but to come up with it. We talk to the client and find out what they want to achieve, then suggest a range of ideas before selecting and developing one.

What’s the big idea?

For example, one of our clients needed a way to present its policies and information in an appealing way, allowing its employees throughout the world to speak with knowledge and authority. Our idea, which our client accepted enthusiastically, is a campaign called “You’re the Expert”, because this is what people often say when they ask an awkward question of employees (“Come on, what do you think? You’re the expert.”).

We’re bringing it to life with a script for a fictional film that features an employee at a family dinner, who is confronted by all the most awkward questions he could be asked. Each question relates to an important topic, and each is asked by a different family member. This means that each topic is related to a character, which helps to make it memorable. All the rest of the campaign collateral, including information cards, posters, facilitation notes and intranet material, is linked to the characters in the film.

The factor that contributes most to the success of a piece of writing is the idea behind it. We can help you there.



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