Writing training

Writing training

We'll show you our unique formula for good writing, called Who Do Know, which will change and improve the way you write any document, such as reports, papers and letters to customers.

Are you confident that your brand is in good hands when your organisation writes? For many organisations, the most important relationships are conducted in writing – it’s the main way in which they communicate with staff and customers. That’s why it’s important that the people who write on behalf of your organisation have the right skills. They need to be able to convey your brand, use its tone of voice, and establish rapport with customers, staff and all the other groups that you need to reach. But communicators in many organisations have – for understandable reasons – got into bad habits. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Talking to yourself – using language and ideas that make sense to insiders but not to your readers
  • Excessive detail – including all the information you have, rather than just what is helpful for your reader
  • Over-formality – hiding behind intimidating legal and business language instead of making the effort to connect
  • Writing by committee – trying to incorporate tracked changes from several different departments, so that the overall message gets lost

Our approach

Our practical, one-day workshop teaches techniques that are quickly learned but make a huge difference to the quality of participants’ writing. These techniques have been developed over more than ten years by Chris Shevlin, in the course of working with individuals and groups in many different organisations. Participants learn how to:

  • See writing as a process – a sequence of simple steps rather than a single, complex task
  • Get the structure and content right before drafting, using the Who Do Know™ technique
  • Write in a direct and conversational way, while still being polite and professional
  • Find out how real readers react to their writing, using Ticks and Squiggles™ and Four-Question Feedback™
  • Bring your organisation’s brand to life


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