Clients now have a choice: face-to-face or virtual training

Clients now have a choice: face-to-face or virtual training

Between the start of lockdown and the end of June, I conducted every single media-training session remotely, using Zoom, Teams or GoTo — for clients spread as far afield as South Africa, Singapore, the U.S. and throughout Europe. It all worked beautifully, such is the brilliance of modern Internet technology.

Then, on June 30, I carried out my first face-to-face session since lockdown in West London (with social distancing, of course). That, too, worked splendidly, and it was lovely to be back seeing my delegates in person.

The upshot is that clients now have the choice. Having seen how well virtual training works, I suspect that many will want to stick to that format, even when restrictions are completely lifted. Others, of course, will always prefer the face-to-face option.

The great news is that whichever they choose, they’ll get a great training experience.

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July 13th, 2020

Robert Taylor

Media Trainer


My main passion is media training, and I’m proud to be one of the UK’s most experienced and successful trainers in this field.