Dr Fox’s Sexuality

Dr Fox’s Sexuality

I’ve never understood the fascination with other people’s sexuality, nor why some people feel they must “come out” and announce to the world whether they prefer men or women.

We don’t make such announcements about any other part of our lives. And who really cares whether Liam Fox is gay, bi or straight? Well, just about everyone it seems.

Certainly much of the media. And the underlying message behind it all is that Fox, having belatedly resigned for what appears to be unbelievable stupidity, would be damaged even further if it were revealed that he was sexually attracted to men at the same time as being married.

This sort of innuendo has a habit of attaching itself to right-wing Tories. William Hague, Michael Portillo and Peter Lilly have all faced similar speculation.

Why? Because they are the pantomime villains of the political scene – much more so than some of them realise – and concealing their true sexuality fits all too neatly into the narrative of Thatcherite nastiness.

I’ve no idea how Fox is reacting to this, but if I were in his shoes I would welcome it as a bit of light relief from the disgrace of his resignation. What he must avoid at all costs is a furious denial – however tempting that may be.

William Hague fell into that trap and for people who don’t read the Daily Mail his denial was the first they’d heard of it, after which most assumed that the rumours were probably true anyway (or enjoyed pretending that they were).

Nobody should become a cabinet minister without first checking the thickness of their own skin. I hope Fox has done that.

Now, if he has any sense he’ll ignore any reference to his sexuality, and let that part of the story, at least, die a natural death.

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October 17th, 2011

Robert Taylor

Media Trainer


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